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Addict Gel 

• 100% Cockroach mortality in 
less than 1 hour
• Brand new active substance to Europe with no known resistance
• Dinotefuran – leading cockroach active in the US
• New UK formulation

A bold new product with a new active ingredient coupled with

alluring formulation for fast acceptance by both gel-averse and
non-gel averse cockroaches.
Formulated with Dinotefuran – a leading active in US cockroach
control that acts on both contact and ingestion! Highly effective
on all cockroach species quickly establishing control of the adults,
nymphs and nests.
Independent test data highlights the speed of control with over 50% killed
within 14 minutes and 100% in less than an hour. This is up to 23 times
faster than other comparable products.
Authorisation code UK-2016-0956

For use in Industrial / commerical premises, kitchens, households, hospitals, nursing homes etc. 

CODE Description
I8080 Carton of 4 x 30g tubes





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