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Black Pearl

Black Pearl Paste and Grain are highly attractive baits containing micro-encapsulated Alphachloralose. Formulated to control mice
infestations within 24-48 hours.
The Alphachloralose active belongs to the narcotic family. Only a small amount needs to be consumed by a mouse and the active will start to take effect by reducing the body temperature of the mouse until it falls into a coma and dies. In a lot of cases this can
take as little as a few minutes.
There is very little danger of any secondary toxicity issues with Alphachloralose as residues in dead mice are negligible and wont effect any predators that might pray on a mice controlled by Black Pearl

CODE Description



Black Pearl Paste 1kg
Black Pearl Paste 270g

Black Pearl Grain 1kg               

Paste - Authorisation code: UK-2014-0870


Paste Tube


Grain - Authorisation code: UK-2014-0869



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