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Phobi Dose is an innovative and highly effective liquid concentrate formulation containing the active ingredients Imiprothrin and Cyphenothrin. The active ingredients in Phobi Dose are unique to the UK market in a liquid formulation and offer the pest controller a highly effective form of pest control. As these actives have not been used by the UK pest controller there is a much smaller chance of resistance and a far greater chance of success. The Imiprothrin active has a phenomenally fast knock down effect proven in the field and laboratory trials. The combination with Cyphenothrin gives Phobi Dose an all-round knock down and residual of up to 3 months on non porous surfaces.

Phobi Dose contains 10% Imiprothrin and 15% Cyphenothrin and is available in easy to use soluble sachets. A pack contains 10 x 25ml sachets and each sachet dilutes into 2.5 Litres of water to treat 45 square metres.

Phobi Dose is a truly exciting product that answers pest controllers’ needs, particularly in very difficult environments.

CODE Description
IF4204 10 X 25ml sachets


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