LODI is one of the largest independent UK chemical producers with four European facilities based in the UK, France, Romania and Belgium. LODI is family owned with over three decades worth of experience in manufacturing and supplying products into the pest control market. As a company we pride ourselves on formulating and innovating highly effective products. We are committed to revolutionising the way in which pests are targeted by providing high quality and fast acting solutions to eliminate problems faced by the professional pest control environment. We are passionate about developing new products and leading the market by releasing innovative actives that are proven to target insects effectively whilst leaving a powerful residual.

The Lodi Group has invested heavily in supporting and protecting a number of pioneering actives under the European Biocidal Product Directive (BPD). The Lodi Group are dedicated to developing the market and are proud to present an array of exceptional product ranges.

Already a global force in pest control Lodi has established key strategic partnerships with large global blue chip companies. We are very proud to be using our experience and expertise to engineer products for the future that will benefit you, your customer and the environment.

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