Phobi Dose RTU 5L

Product: Phobi Dose RTU 5L

Code: I5249

Description: RTU insecticide


Phobi Dose is an innovative and highly effective formulation containing the active ingredients Imiprothrin and Cyphenothrin. The Imiprothrin active has a phenomenally fast knock down effect proven in the field and laboratory trials. The combination with Cyphenothrin gives Phobi Dose an all-round knock down and residual of up to 3 months on non porous surfaces.

Phobi Dose RTU in a 5 Litre canister has the ability to be used on soft and hard furnishings including mattresses and bedding. Phobi Dose RTU can also be used on houseflies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, ticks and moths.

Active 0.04% Imiprothrin & 0.06% Cyphenothrin
Authorisation Number: HSE 8948

ENQUIRE: Phobi Dose RTU 5L

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